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AB - Although the relevance of mechanotransduction in cell signalling is currently appreciated, themechanisms that drive this process remain largely unknown. Mechanical unfolding of proteins maytrigger distinct downstream signals in cells, providing a mechanism for cellular mechanotransduction.Force-induced unfolding of talin, a prominent focal adhesion protein, has been demonstrated previouslyfor a small portion of its rod domain. Here, using single-molecule atomic force microscopy (smAFM), weshow that the entire talin rod can be unfolded by mechanical extension, over a physiological range offorces between 10 – 40 pN. We also demonstrate, through a combination of smAFM and steeredmolecular dynamics (SMD), that the different bundles within the talin rod exhibit a distinct hierarchy ofmechanical stability. These results provide a mechanism by which different force conditions within thecell control a graduated unfolding of the talin rod. Mechanical unfolding of the rod subdomains, and thesubsequent effect on talin’s binding interactions, would allow for a finely-tuned cellular response tointernally or externally applied forces.
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