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Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Professor of Theoretical Physics



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AB - We critically re-examine our earlier derivation of the effective low energyaction for QCD in 4 dimensions with chiral fields transforming non-triviallyunder both color and flavor, using the method of anomaly integration. We findseveral changes with respect to our previous results, leading to much morecompact expressions, and making it easier to compare with results of otherapproaches to the same problem. With the amended effective action, we find thatthere are no stable soliton solutions. In the context of the quark solitonprogram, we interpret this as an indication that the full low-energy effectiveaction must include additional terms, reflecting possible modifications atshort distances and/or the non-trivial structure of the gauge fields in thevacuum, such as $ <F_{\mu\nu}^2> \neq 0$. Such terms are absent in theformalism based on anomaly integration.
AU - Frishman,Y
AU - Hanany,A
AU - Karliner,M
PY - 1995///
TI - On the Stability of Quark Solitons in QCD
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