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Alex's research is in the field of theoretical condensed matter physics. It is concerned particularly with systems where the inter-electron interactions are very strong so that conventional perturbation methods for the calculation of the electronic properties are not applicable, and non-perturbative methods are required.

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Nishikawa Y, Curtin OJ, Hewson AC, et al., 2016, Conditions for observing emergent SU(4) symmetry in a double quantum dot, Physical Review B, Vol:93, ISSN:2469-9950

Hewson AC, 2016, Renormalized parameters and perturbation theory in dynamical mean-field theory for the Hubbard model, Physical Review B, Vol:94, ISSN:2469-9950

Pandis V, Hewson AC, 2015, High-order terms in the renormalized perturbation theory for the Anderson impurity model, Physical Review B, Vol:92, ISSN:2469-9950

Pandis V, Hewson AC, 2015, Analytic Flow Equations for the Fermi Liquid Parameters of the Anderson Impurity Model, Physical Review Letters, Vol:115, ISSN:0031-9007

Edwards K, Hewson AC, Pandis V, 2013, Perturbational scaling theory of the induced magnetization in the impurity Anderson model, Physical Review B, Vol:87, ISSN:1098-0121

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