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AB - To accomplish correct Bayesian inference from weak lensing shear datarequires a complete statistical description of the data. The natural frameworkto do this is a Bayesian Hierarchical Model, which divides the chain ofreasoning into component steps. Starting with a catalogue of shear estimates intomographic bins, we build a model that allows us to sample simultaneously fromthe the underlying tomographic shear fields and the relevant power spectra(E-mode, B-mode, and E-B, for auto- and cross-power spectra). The proceduredeals easily with masked data and intrinsic alignments. Using Gibbs samplingand messenger fields, we show with simulated data that the large (over67000-)dimensional parameter space can be efficiently sampled and the fulljoint posterior probability density function for the parameters can feasibly beobtained. The method correctly recovers the underlying shear fields and all ofthe power spectra, including at levels well below the shot noise.
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