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Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Materials

EUROfusion Researcher Grant Fellow







B301Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





My research focuses on the design and development of new engineering alloys for extreme environments, namely for gas turbines and nuclear fusion. My work has been funded by the EPSRC ‘Designing Alloys for Resource Efficiency (DARE)’ project (, an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship 2016–17, and is now supported by a EURO-Fusion Researcher Grant Fellowship 2017-19 ( linked with CCFE (

One direction of my work focuses on the design and production of new bcc refractory metal / beta titanium alloys reinforced with intermetallic precipitates that adopt a bcc superlattice structure. Alloys have been developed and produced that comprise remarkable ultra-fine lamellar bulk nano-structures, with exceptionally high strengths. Further development of these alloys toward aerospace applications was made through my EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship, while their optimisation and exploitation toward nuclear fusion applications is being undertaken through my EURO-Fusion Researcher Grant Fellowship.

A second direction of my work supports the development of new TIMETAL 575 and 407 commercial titanium alloys and the characterisation methods that accelerate the path to commercialisation in collaboration with TIMET. On TIMETAL 575, the mechanisms of Si strengthening additions are being studied using advanced electron microscopy and mechanical testing. While detailed fatigue studies are being performed at multiple lengthscales on TIMETAL 407, so as to further understand its impressive fatigue performance.



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