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Anna Korre

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

Professor of Environmental Engineering



+44 (0)20 7594 7372a.korre Website




1.32BRoyal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus





Inaugural lecture video 20th October 2016


Prof. Korre's research interests are in the areas of

  • geostatistical modelling and simulation of geological and environmental systems;
  • assessment of uncertainty and risk in the design and operation of engineering systems;
  • life cycle assessment and cost modelling of conventional and unconventional fossil fuel based energy production systems;
  • modelling and assessment of the fate of emissions from industrial facilities.

Anna has been appointed Distinguished Professor at the Henan Polytechnic University, Research Institute of Coal Mine Methane Geology (2012) and serves as adjunct Professor of Environmental Engineering at the International Postgraduate School, Josef Stefan Institute, Slovenia (2006 - to date).



Al-Ansari T, Korre A, Nie Z, et al., 2017, Integration of greenhouse gas control technologies within the energy, water and food nexus to enhance the environmental performance of food production systems, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol:162, ISSN:0959-6526, Pages:1592-1606

Manzoor S, Karl M, Simperler A, et al., 2017, Model study on the influence of plant design, photochemistry and meteorology on atmospheric concentrations of nitrosamines and nitramines in vicinity of an amine-based CO<inf>2</inf>capture facility, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol:65, ISSN:1750-5836, Pages:203-217


Borda ES, Govindan R, Elahi N, et al., 2017, The Development of a Dynamic CO<inf>2</inf>Injection Strategy for the Depleted Forties and Nelson Oilfields Using Regression-based Multi-objective Programming, Pages:3335-3342, ISSN:1876-6102

Elahi N, Shah N, Korre A, et al., 2017, Multi-stage Stochastic Optimisation of a CO<inf>2</inf>Transport and Geological Storage in the UK, Pages:6514-6525, ISSN:1876-6102

Farooqui NM, Liu Q, Maroto-Valer MM, et al., 2017, Understanding CO<inf>2</inf>-brine-wellbore Cement-rock Interactions for CO<inf>2</inf>Storage, Pages:5206-5211, ISSN:1876-6102

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