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AB - We develop a novel model for studying agent-environmentsystems, where the agents are implemented via feed-forwardReLU neural networks. We provide a semantics and developa method to verify automatically that no unwanted states arereached by the system during its evolution. We study severalreachability problems for the system, ranging from one-stepreachability, to fixed multi-step and arbitrary-step to studythe system evolution. We also study the decision problem ofwhether an agent, realised via feed-forward ReLU networkswill perform an action in a system run. Whenever possible,we give tight complexity bounds to decision problems intro-duced. We automate the various reachability problems stud-ied by recasting them as mixed-integer linear programmingproblems. We present an implementation and discuss the ex-perimental results obtained on a range of test cases.
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TI - Reachability Analysis for Neural Agent-Environment Systems
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