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AB - We investigate the notion of bounded recall in the contextof model checkingATL∗andATLspecifications in multi-agent systems with imperfect information. We present a novelthree-valued semantics forATL∗, respectivelyATL, underbounded recall and imperfect information, and study the cor-responding model checking problems. Most importantly, weshow that the three-valued semantics constitutes an approxi-mation with respect to the traditional two-valued semantics.In the light of this we construct a sound, albeit partial, al-gorithm for model checking two-valued perfect recall via itsapproximation as three-valued bounded recall.
AU - Lomuscio,AR
AU - Belardinelli,F
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PB - Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
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TI - Approximating perfect recall when model checking strategic abilities
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