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My main research area is developing Bayesian methods in statistical genomics and epidemiology, in particular Bayesian hierarchical models and variable selection models. I have worked on several Bayesian models for analysing high-throughput molecular biology data, including gene expression microarrays, next-generation RNA-sequence data and metabolomics data. My current research is on methods for data integration and variable selection for multiple "omics" data sets.

I also work on methods in the Classical statistical framework, and apply these methods in genetic epidemiology and medical applications. I am particularly interested in variable selection and multiple testing issues.

I have a background in Mathematics and a PhD in Cosmology, where I worked on detecting non-Gaussianity in the cosmic microwave background and on analysis methods for Type Ia supernovae light curves.

Current Research

  • Statistical methodology: Highly structured stochastic systems; Bayesian hierarchical models; Variable selection and prediction; Bayesian model criticism; Methods for multiple testing.
  • Statistical genomics and genetic epidemiology: Variable selection in high-dimensional modelling of genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics data.
  • Molecular Biology: Statistical methods for modelling high-throughput molecular biology data, including microarray and sequencing data.

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Papers in refereed journals:



Goncalves BP, Procter SR, Clifford S, et al., 2021, Estimation of country-level incidence of early-onset invasive Group B Streptococcus disease in infants using Bayesian methods, Plos Computational Biology, Vol:17, ISSN:1553-734X

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Colicino S, Minelli C, Lewin A, et al., 2018, Using a Bayesian approach and external validation to predict persistent asthma at the age of 10 and 20 years in general and high-risk populations, 28th International Congress of the European-Respiratory-Society (ERS), EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOC JOURNALS LTD, ISSN:0903-1936

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