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AB - We present a theoretical study of current noise of a resonant tunnel junctioncoupled to a nanomechanical oscillator within the non-equilibrium Green'sfunction technique. An arbitrary voltage is applied to the tunnel junction andelectrons in the leads are considered to be at zero temperature. The propertiesof the phonon distribution of the nanomechanical oscillator strongly coupled tothe electrons on the dot are investigated using a non-perturbative approach. Ananalytical calculations and numerical results for the current-voltage, shotnoise and the corresponding Fano factor as a function of applied bias showsignificant features of the nanomechanical oscillator coupling dynamics. Thiswill provide useful insight for the design of experiments aimed at studying thequantum behavior of an oscillator.
AU - Tahir,M
AU - MacKinnon,A
TI - Current noise of a resonant tunnel junction coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator
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