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AB - We present a theoretical study of time-dependent transport via a quantumshuttle within the non-equilibrium Green's function technique. An arbitraryvoltage is applied to the tunnel junction and electrons in the leads areconsidered to be at zero temperature. The transient and the steady statebehavior of the system is considered here in order to explore the quantumdynamics of the shuttle device as a function of time and applied bias. Theproperties of the phonon distribution of the oscillating dot coupled to theelectrons are investigated using a non-perturbative approach. We derive arelation for the oscillator momentum charge density correlation function whichis an interesting physical example for the visualization of shuttlingphenomenon. We consider the crossover between the tunneling and shuttlingregimes for different values of the key parameters as a function of appliedbias and time. We also consider the energy transferred from the electrons tothe oscillating dot as a function of time. This will provide useful insight forthe design of experiments aimed at studying the quantum behavior of a shuttlingdevice.
AU - Tahir,M
AU - MacKinnon,A
TI - Time-dependent transport via a quantum shuttle
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