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Dr Aoife Molloy, MB BCh BAO BA MRCP DTM&H DipHIV MScPH, is Clinical Lead for the Evidence Based Interventions Programme at NHS England and NHS Improvement. This programme focuses on implementing best available evidence through clinical and commissioner leadership at national and regional levels in the NHS in England to ensure that procedures offered by the NHS are the most appropriate. Aoife is a doctor in infectious diseases and general internal medicine and worked in hospitals for ten years as a physician focusing on medicine, infections and health of vulnerable people, women, and migrants. She was a National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow at NICE in 2014/15 and set up the Collaboration for Shared Decision Making, developed guideline adaptation tools with NICE International to aid guideline development in India, and worked on disinvestment and safe staffing, as well as education of undergraduate and postgraduate medical and allied health professionals. She worked with The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to develop the first recommendations for Choosing Wisely UK and worked with Positively UK to develop the first national standards for peer support in HIV. She was a policy associate at the Health Foundation and wrote "A Clear Road Ahead, a quality strategy for the NHS in England" with Professor Sheila Leatherman. She studied medicine at Trinity College, Dublin, and became a member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of Ireland and England before moving to the UK to pursue specialty training in infectious diseases. She has a MSc in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is a PhD candidate in the Patient Safety Translational Research Centre in Imperial College looking at the patient safety at transitions of care across different sectors of healthcare.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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