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Professor of Thermofluids



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Aimee Morgans is Professor of Thermofluids in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London. 

Her research aims to make energy generation and transport more environmentally friendly. In particular, she is interested in modelling and suppressing thermoacoustic instabilities in gas turbine combustors, and modelling and reducing the aerodynamic drag of bluff bodies, like road vehicles.

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She holds a €2M ERC Consolidator Grant, AFIRMATIVE (2018-23), on acoustic-flow interaction models in thermoacoustics. She recently held a €1.5M ERC Starting Grant, ACOULOMODE (2013-18), on modelling and control of thermoacoustic (combustion) instabilities. She previously held a RAEng/EPSRC Fellowship (2004-09), also on thermoacoustic instabilities.

She joined Imperial as a Lecturer in 2007, progressing to Senior Lecturer in 2011, Reader in 2014 and Professor in 2017. She has PhD, MEng and BA (starred First) degrees in Engineering, all from Cambridge University. She is a former Amelia Earhart Fellow.

She lectures (and is course leader) for the 3rd year undergraduate Fluid Mechanics course. She co-leads the Department Athena SWAN committee and recently led the successful Athena SWAN bronze application in the Department of Aeronautics.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Li J, Morgans AS, 2017, The one-dimensional acoustic field in a duct with arbitrary mean axial temperature gradient and mean flow, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol:400, ISSN:0022-460X, Pages:248-269

Evstafyeva O, Morgans AS, Dalla Longa L, 2017, Simulation and feedback control of the Ahmed body flow exhibiting symmetry breaking behaviour, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol:817, ISSN:0022-1120, Pages:817R21-817R212

Yang D, Morgans AS, 2016, A semi-analytical model for the acoustic impedance of finite length circular holes with mean flow, Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol:384, ISSN:0022-460X, Pages:294-311

Li J, Morgans AS, 2016, Feedback control of combustion instabilities from within limit cycle oscillations using H-infinity loop-shaping and the nu-gap metric, Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, Vol:472, ISSN:1364-5021

Han X, Li J, Morgans AS, 2015, Prediction of combustion instability limit cycle oscillations by combining flame describing function simulations with a thermoacoustic network model, Combustion and Flame, Vol:162, ISSN:0010-2180, Pages:3632-3647

Rigas G, Morgans AS, Brackston RD, et al., 2015, Diffusive dynamics and stochastic models of turbulent axisymmetric wakes, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol:778, ISSN:0022-1120

More Publications