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PhD, Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London. PhD thesis "Perspectives on the role of bioenergy for distributed heat and power generation"

Electric engineering degree (5 years course) Politecnico of Bari, Italy. Thesis “Energy crops: techno-economic feasibility in Alta Murgia, Puglia Region, Italy"


Since May 2006: assistant professor, Department of agro-environmental sciences, University of Bari (Italy); lecturer on “Energy demand and supply in agricultural and food sector”; “Renewable energy in agriculture”

Since May 2014: part time research associate, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT), and Centre for process Systems Engineering;

 February 2007 to April 2014: visiting academic, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT), Bioenergy Group, Centre for Environmental Policy;

Since 2010: member of the scientific committee of the Italian Biofuel Platform and qualified engineer for verification of CHP project, Italian Authority of Energy and Water

March 2011 and February 2013: visiting researcher at COPPE-UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro, Bra)

June 2001-June 2006: research associate under term contract, University of Bari. 

June 2000: chartered engineer at Province of Bari

Member IET, IEEE (Power Electicity Society member), ISES Italy, AIEE (International Association of Energy Economists), AEIT (italian association electric engineering), AIIA (Italian asociation agricultural engineering). 

Research topics

Centre for Process Systems Engineering: spatially explicit models and optimization tools to integrate bioenergy into urban energy systems; strategic and operational optimization of district heating and natural gas networks; thermo-economic assessment of biomass and natural gas based micro CHP;

Centre for Energy Policy and Technology: policy measures to support on-site and renewable energy generation in the UK and Italy, biomass supply and energy demand dynamics modelling; bioenergy technologies modelling in Markal-Times; sustainability criteria for biomass to CHP routes;

University of Bari

Thermo-economic assessment and financial appraisals of biomass, biogas and dual-fuel energy conversion technologies; ESCO business models and investment strategies for biomass cogeneration; LCA and energy-environmental balances; size and location optimization of biomass and biogas plants; GIS aided biomass energy potentials assessment; distributed generation technologies and demand side management techniques; energy savings measures in food processing, off shore wind energy technologies and grid integration issues

Research projects

Coordinator of the research project “The future role of biomass in urban areas”, financed by British Council- MIUR (Italian Ministry of Research) in partnership with Imperial College (2006-2007)

Work Package leader of the Energy Intelligent Europe project BIOSOLESCO (strategies to develop biomass-solar ESCOs in EU), leaded by North Karelia University (FI), 13 partners (2008-2011)

Leader of research unit in the project “Networks of laboratories – integrated energy production from renewable sources in the regional agro-industrial system” funded by Puglia region, aiming at the establishment of a network of laboratories in the field of biomass energy, 2011-12

Cooperation to the 7FP project “S2Biom” (2013-16) aimed at delivering a sustainable supply of non-food biomass to support a resource efficient bioeconomy in EU, leaded by Imperial College London, specific focus on bioenergy policies at EU level, logistics of bioenergy chains and market assessment of lignocellulosic biomass to bio-materials

Cooperation to the project “A whole system approach to analysing the bioenergy demand and supply: mobilising the long term potential of bioenergy”, leaded by Dr A. Bauen, Imperial College London, Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (2005–09), specific topic “UK bioenergy demand and supply dynamics”

Cooperation to the research project “Energy in urban areas” (specific topic bioenergy in urban areas) coordinator Prof Nilay Shah, CPSE, Imperial College London, financed by BP (2009-2012)

Cooperation to the research project on biomass energy funded by CUIA (Italo-Argentinian University Consortium), in cooperation with University of Buenos Aires, Cuyo, Rosario and Mendoza (Argentina) and other Italian Universities (2009-10)

Research project “Study for valorisation of biomass energy potentials in Puglia Region”, funded by Puglia Region, University of Bari (2005-2007)

Research project “Biomass to energy chains in Italy”, funded by Italian Ministry of research, coordinator Prof. Riva (2004-06)



Pantaleo AM, Fordham J, Oyewunmi OA, et al., 2018, Integrating cogeneration and intermittent waste-heat recovery in food processing: Microturbines vs. ORC systems in the coffee roasting industry, Applied Energy, Vol:225, ISSN:0306-2619, Pages:782-796


Oyewunmi OA, Kirmse CJW, Pantaleo AM, et al., Performance of working-fluid mixtures in an ORC-CHP system for different heat demand segments, 29th international conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimisation, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

Pantaleo, Fordham J, Oyewunmi OA, et al., Optimal sizing and operation of on-site combined heat and power systems for intermittent waste-heat recovery, 9th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE2017), Elsevier, ISSN:1876-6102

Pantaleo, Rotolo G, De Palma P, et al., Thermo-economic optimization of small-scale ORC systems for heat recovery from natural gas internal combustion engines for stationary power generation, 4th Annual Engine ORC Consortium Workshop for the Automotive and Stationary Engine Industries

Simpson M, Sapin P, Rotolo G, et al., Efficiency map of reciprocating-piston expanders for ORC applications, 4th Annual Engine Organic Rankine Cycle Consortium Workshop 2017

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