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I am a research associate in the Business Analytics centre in the Management department at Imperial College Business School. I received my PhD in Sociology from Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense in December 2010.

I am involved in a project which aim at understanding how individuals’ performance in a project-based industry is influenced by their network position and the position of their collaborators. The project investigates questions such as: how are technical experts hired in a project-based industry? How team formation influence future performance?

I also participate in a project that evaluate the development impact of setting up a micro-grid for electricity distribution in rural Africa. In this project, we use a field experiment to understand the effect of access to electricity on business creation and development.

Finally, I also work on a project on innovation and online communities in collaboration with Professor Ammon Salter (Bath) and Professor Martin Kilduff (UCL). This project focuses on how collaboration networks (such as affiliation or communication networks) enable innovation, looking particularly at an online software development platform (SourceForge) and the developers who interact on it.

Prior to joining Imperial College Business School, my work focused on collaboration networks and the careers of technicians in the motion-picture industry. I showed how, in the absence of durable employment, people have to build professional networks to provide them with information and opportunities. Those networks are essential to enhance one's ability to survive and progress in a very fluid labour market. A second theme of my PhD research was examining how labour markets are reshaped by the introduction of new roles. I showed that changing the relational dynamic of the market changes which strategies are generally successful for individuals.

You can find more information about me on my personal webpage.



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