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I am a Research Associate in the Matar Fluids Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering, working on Rheology and Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids.

I recently obtained a PhD in Chemical Engineering working on Turbulent Inhomogeneous Autoignition of Liquid Fuels (at the Clean Energy Processes (CEP) laboratory). During the PhD, I:

• Designed and developed a state-of-the-art experimental apparatus for a parametric study of the effect of flow inlet conditions on autoignition of pure liquid fuels

• Measured the autoignition delay time, location, frequency, and primary atomisation -- fuel jet break-up, droplet formation and evaporation

Applications: Improve design of combustors in engines and gas turbines for efficient fuel utilisation and reduction of harmful emissions by predicting and controlling autoignition; validating/developing computational models

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PhD, Imperial College London
Nov 2012 – Mar 2017

Turbulent Inhomogeneous Autoignition of Liquid Fuels
Advisor: Dr. Christos N. Markides

MSc, Imperial College London
Class of 2012
Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering
First Class Honours with Distinction
Advisors: Dr. Karen Polizzi and Dr. Christos N. Markides
• Analysed data from particle image velocimetry (PIV) and microbial cell growth/productivity measurements in mixers to characterise flow turbulence and the effect of fluid-mechanical parameters on living micro-organisms
• Courses: Advanced Process Optimisation, Dynamic Behaviour of Process Systems, Bioprocess Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance & Financial Management (from Imperial College Business School)

BEng (Chemical), UICET, Panjab University (India)
Class of 2011
First Division with Honours



Gupta A, Mathie R, Markides CN, 2014, An experimental and computational investigation of a thermal storage system based on a phase change material: Heat transfer and performance characterization, Computational Thermal Sciences, Vol:6, ISSN:1940-2554, Pages:341-359

Markides CN, Gupta A, 2013, Experimental investigation of a thermally powered central heating circulator: Pumping characteristics, Applied Energy, Vol:110, ISSN:1872-9118, Pages:132-146


Moran H, Gupta A, Voulgaropoulos V, et al., Autoignition of a liquid n-heptane jet injected into a confined turbulent hot co-flow, 3rd SEE SDEWES 2018, SDEWES

Gupta A, Markides CN, 2017, An experimental study of the autoignition of polydispersed liquid-fuel droplets in a confined high-temperature turbulent coflow, 8th European Combustion Meeting, Combustion Institute

Gupta A, Markides CN, Mathie R, 2013, Investigation of a thermal storage system based on phase change material: heat transfer and performance characterisation, 13th UK Heat Transfer Conference, UKHTC2013, Design Engineering Group, Imperial College London, Pages:182-1-182-8

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