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The principal areas of Alison's research are in hospital epidemiology and infection prevention and control, including the field of antibiotic stewardship to address the threat of antimicrobial resistance. Her work addresses infection management, patient safety and public health within acute healthcare and provides a clear example of applied research in healthcare delivery.  In particular Alison has demonstrated how patient-focused research can have a powerful and rapid impact on the health of the patients concerned, with wider implications for the NHS as a whole.   

Guest Lectures

New Frontiers in our Approaches to Antimicrobial Resistance - plenary at ICID 2018, 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases 2018, Organised by International Society for Infectious Diseases, ICID took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018

"Old and new frontiers in AMS", Keynote talk at the National Forum on Antimicrobial Resistance Australia 2017, The University of Queensland, Australia; Queensland Government, Australia, Brisbane, 2017

"AMS: widening the collaborative approach", Keynote talk at the Nursing Workshop Antimicrobial Stewardship Australia., The University of Queensland, Queensland Government, Brisbane, Australia, 2017

Global Strategies in combating antimicrobial resistance. Inaugural Session Speaker, 7th Annual Conference of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Society (CIDSCON), India, Clinical Infectious Diseases Society, Nagpur, India, 2017

Interluctor and thematic group leader for “internal round-table” discussion with Chancellor Angela Merkel at 3rd International German Forum, “What matters to people – Global Health and Innovation”. Summary presentation on how better use of antibiotics can be fostered in the future. Specification on behavior change in this context and the effect of interventions to improve antibiotic prescribing., The Federal Government, Germany, The Federal Government, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Macfarlane Burnett oration presenter: ‘AMR and HCAI in the real world: Perspectives from Health Protection Research’., Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) Inc., Tasmania, Australia, 2016

"ASP Global Scenario: How far has the world travelled ?" Keynote speaker at International Symposium in Kerala on ‘Antibiotic stewardship and infection control and prevention’ inaugurating the state’s new antibiotic policy, Amrita University, Kerala, India, 2016

"Behavioural science and behavioural change in antimicrobial stewardship and infection control." Keynote talk at 25th ECCMID 2015, ECCMID Scientific Secretariat, Switzerland, 2015

"The Health Foundation Spotlight Report: critical lessons on implementing infection prevention guidelines". Keynote speaker at MRC "Developing diagnostic tools for bacterial infection and AMR' and Infection Prevention Society Implementation Learning Laboratories Launch Event, Infection Prevention Society - MRC, London, UK, 2014

"Implementation of an Antibiotic Stewardship Programme ona National Level: Tips & Tricks". Keynote speech at the Dutch National congress on Antibiotic Stewardship, Interactie Opleidingen, The Netherlands, 2014

"Impact of organisations on healthcare associated infection". Keynote talk at Federation of Infection Societies Annual Conference organised by Healthcare Infection Society, Healthcare Infection Society, Lyon, France, 2014

"Behaviour and Social Change in Stewardship" lecture at ESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial stewardshiP - ESGAP workshops, ESCMID, Barcelona, Spain, 2014

"How do you measure the impact of interventions: PPS, time series analysis, controlled before and after studies and other methodologies" lecture at ESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial stewardshiP - ESGAP workshops, ESCMID, Barcelona, Spain, 2014

"Social Media for Stewardship: Progress or a Waste of Time?" speech at 16th ICID, Cape Town, 2014, ICID / ISID, Cape Town, South Africa, 2014

"Behaviour change strategies to improve infection control and antibiotic stewardship". 14th International Federation of Infection Control Congress, Malta, 2014, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta, 2014