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Date Role
 2012 - Postdoctoral Research Associate, Imperial College London
Solar Hydrogen Production
CO2 Reduction to Fuels
Pathways to Impact - Solar Fuel Generators
 2007 - 2011 PhD in Electrochemical Engineering
'Electrochemical recovery of nickel from nickel sulfamate effluents'
Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London
 2003 - 2007 MSci (Hons) in Physics,
Department of Physics, Imperial College London

Masters project: 'Production of extremely large electric fields'
Centre for Cold Matter

 research interests

  • Green technologies for the production of hydrogen gas, with particular emphasis on photo-electrochemical systems, which use solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen produced renewably, could be used to decarbonise power sources, manage intermittency of renewable power sources and smooth the dynamics of electrical power demands;
  • Aquoues and gaseous CO2 reduction to fuels;
  • 3D printing of functional materials for electrochemical and photo-electrochemical applications;
  • Metal recovery from plating wastewater by electrodeposition. Metal electrodeposition allows the simultaneous de-contamination of wastewater solutions from toxic metals and the reclamation of the metal in elemental form. The benefit of the latter increases with the market value of the material, as the specific electrical energy consumption of the reclamation process is often substantially smaller than the market price. My particular expertise is in the recovery of nickel but the electrodeposition strategy may be adopted to other metals.


Thermodynamics - 1st year undergraduate tutorials

Introduction to Electrochemistry - Guest lecture



Talk entitled 'Design and development of photo-electrochemical reactors for hydrogen production with solar energy', at SolarFuel16, Berlin, 5-6 September 2016 

Invited talk: 'Design and development of photo-electrochemical reactors: From laboratory scale to commercial prototypes, SolaStor Conference, Imperial College London, 12 April 2016

Webinar on H2 production using solar energy, hosted by the Knowledge Transfer Network, 20 Jan 2015

Talk entitled 'Comparing 'photo-electrochemical' and 'electrochemical-powered-by-PV' systems for solar H2O splitting' at the Imperial Solar Fuels Symposium 2014, Imperial College London, 10 Dec 2014

Poster on '3D Printing of Functional Layers for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolysers', presented at the first UK Energy Storage Conference, UKES2014, University of Warwick, 25-27 Nov 2014

Talk entitled 'Incorporation of CIGS cells into photo-electrochemical reactors' at IMEM-CNR, Parma, Italy, 17 Jul 2014

Talk entitled 'Towards reactor design...' at the 'Do we need a global project on artificial photosynthesis (solar to fuels and chemicals)?' meeting of The Royal Society, Kavli Royal Society Centre, 8-10 Jul 2014

Talk entitled 'Photo-electrochemical production of H2 using a α-Fe2O3 photo-anodes' at Electrochem 2013, University of Southampton, 1-3 Sep 2013

Talk entitled 'Evaluation of hematite as a photo-anode', at the Imperial Solar Fuels Symposium 2013, Imperial College London, 13 Mar 2014

Talk entitled 'Photo-electrochemical production of H2 using a α-Fe2O3 photo-anodes', UK-Korea H2 Workshop, University of Birmingham 

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Hankin A, Bedoya-Lora FE, Alexander JC, et al., 2019, Flat band potential determination: avoiding the pitfalls, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol:7, ISSN:2050-7488, Pages:26162-26176

Hankin A, Bedoya-Lora FE, Ong CK, et al., 2016, From millimetres to metres: the critical role of current density distributions in photo-electrochemical reactor design, Energy & Environmental Science, Vol:10, ISSN:1754-5706, Pages:346-360

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