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Reader in the Mechanics of Materials



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Tutor, Mechanics. (Undergraduate)

Fracture Mechanics - ME3-HFFM


  • To develop an understanding of the various aspects involved in the area of fracture mechanics
  • To develop from first principles the basic ideas and equations needed for an understanding of fracture mechanics
  • To define the advantages and disadvantages of this approach for studying the failure of materials and structures
  • To indicate how the basic principles may be applied to a range of industrial problems and materials.


ECTS units:    6   
Contributing to Course Elements: 6 to ME3-LCTVS or ME4-LCTVS



Associate Course Leader

Materials - ME1-HMATL


  • To familiarise students with the basis for describing mechanical properties of engineering materials, and to introduce the concept and practice of materials selection;
  • To highlight the basic details of the atomic phenomena which ultimately govern these properties;
  • To develop an awareness of the properties and characteristics of the different classes of engineering materials;
  • To provide practice in testing of materials and investigating the link between processing and mechanical properties, whilst improving students' written communication skills.

ECTS units:    5.5   
Contributing to Course Elements: 5.0 to ME1-hMATL Materials, 0.5 to ME1-hCW Coursework


Course Leader