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Reader in the Mechanics of Materials



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Tutor, Mechanics. (Undergraduate)

Fracture Mechanics - ME3-HFFM


  • To develop an understanding of the various aspects involved in the area of fracture mechanics
  • To develop from first principles the basic ideas and equations needed for an understanding of fracture mechanics
  • To define the advantages and disadvantages of this approach for studying the failure of materials and structures
  • To indicate how the basic principles may be applied to a range of industrial problems and materials.


ECTS units:    6   
Contributing to Course Elements: 6 to ME3-LCTVS or ME4-LCTVS



Associate Course Leader

Materials - ME1-HMATL


To introduce students to the important mechanical properties that mechanical engineers require knowledge of and to introduce the concept and practice of materials selection.  The links between material structure, processing and properties are emphasised.  Topics include tensile and fracture properties, material selection, atomic bonding, crystal structure and strengthening.  Also included is a focus on the four classes of engineering material: metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, considering the structure, properties and engineering applications of each.  Practice in testing of materials is included.


ECTS units:    5   


Course Leader