Imperial College London

Dr A E Dangor

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Distinguished Research Fellow



+44 (0)20 7594 7634b.dangor Website




Miss Sarah Dodman +44 (0)20 7594 7657




725Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus






Brown DA, Dangor AE, Daly PJ, et al., 2007, Production of accurate toroidal sections in pyrex, and quartz, J. Scientific Instruments (j. Phys. E) Series 2, Vol:1, Pages:771-772

Parkinson GJ, Dangor AE, 2007, Time resolved measurements of the electron density, and electron temperature using laser interferometry at 337µm wavelength, Applied Physics Letters, Vol:13, Pages:233-235

Burgess DA, Dangor AE, Jenkins JF, 2007, A pressure dependent transition in the behaviour of Z-pinched discharges, British J. Applied Physics 18, Vol:18, Pages:1281-1285

Streeter MJ, Kneip S, Bloom MS, et al., 2018, Observation of Laser Power Amplification in a Self-Injecting Laser Wakefield Accelerator, Physical Review Letters, Vol:120, ISSN:0031-9007

Willingale L, Nagel SR, Thomas AGR, et al., 2015, Characterization of laser-driven proton beams from near-critical density targets using copper activation, Journal of Plasma Physics, Vol:81, ISSN:0022-3778

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