Imperial College London

Dr Bradley Ladewig FRSC FIChemE FHEA

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Senior Lecturer



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412ACE ExtensionSouth Kensington Campus





My research revolves around the development of novel materials and membranes, and their application in energy and environmental related technologies.

Most recently I have worked on the use of metal organic frameworks, zeolitic imidazolate frameworks, and porous aromatic frameworks as novel gas sorbents and as components of composite membrane systems. We are particularly interested in highly novel applications of post-synthetically modified MOF particles, in membranes, adsorbent systems and fundamental studies of molecular transport through porous materials.

My teaching interests are focused on the use of blended learning approaches, specifically including high-quality educational videos, to enhance chemical engineering education. I am part of the team in the Chemical Engineering department which was awarded funding from Imperial to develop novel teaching and assessment methodologies, including through gamification of learning activities. I was also the recipient of the 2016/17 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Innovation.

I have consulted on a range of industry projects, and am a Chartered Chemical Engineer (CEng), Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (FIChemE), Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

Upcoming conferences

Invited Keynote Speaker - Advanced Energy Materials 2018, September 10-12, 2018, University of Surrey, England

Invited Session Chair - 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Membranes: Materials and Processes, August 12-17, 2018, New Hampshire, USA.



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Saleha WFG, Ramesh R, Nalajala N, et al., 2017, Broadband dielectric spectroscopy of Nafion-117, sulfonated polysulfone (sPSF) and sulfonated polyether ketone (sPEK) membranes, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol:134, ISSN:0021-8995

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