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I work as a postdoc with Prof. Colin Prentice on the development of a next-generation global vegetation model with a special focus on the representation of soil nutrient effects on plant growth. Currently, I'm funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation with a EarlyPostdoc.Mobility fellowship until August 2016.

My personal research tool and work-in-progress is an open-access modelling framework for the simulation of carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrial ecosystems. It's available here:  

In my research, I have addressed different elements that determine the interactions between climate and the terrestrial biosphere (see tab 'Research').



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Stocker BD, Zscheischler J, Keenan TF, et al., 2018, Quantifying soil moisture impacts on light use efficiency across biomes., New Phytologist, Vol:218, ISSN:0028-646X, Pages:1430-1449

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