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Dr. Benny Lo is a Lecture of the Hamlyn Centre, and the Department of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London. He also serves as an Manager Editor of the IEEE Journal on Biomedical and Health Informatics, a Member of IEEE EMBS Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems Technical Committee , and a member of the management committee of the Centre for Pervasive Sensing. He is one of the pioneers in Body Sensor Networks (BSN) research, and helped building the foundation of the BSN research through the development of the platform technologies, such as the BSN development kit, introduction of novel sensors, approaches and theories for different pervasive applications, and organizing conferences and tutorials. 

His current research focuses on pervasive sensing, Body Sensor Networks (BSN), and Wearable Robot and their applications in healthcare, sports and wellbeing.



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Deligianni F, Ravi D, Roots S, et al., Pervasive monitoring of mental health for preventing financial distress, Body Sensor Networks Conference (BSN’17), IEEE

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