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Dr Caroline Clewley (née Van Breukelen) is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the Department of Physics.

Her research background is in Astrophysics with a focus on Observational Cosmology: in 2007 she obtained a PhD at the University of Oxford, researching the most distant galaxy clusters.

Afterwards, she spent two years at UCL as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, funded by the STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council). In September 2009 she took up her current post at Imperial College. She is now actively engaged in Physics Education Research.



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Van Breukelen C, Clewley L, 2009, A reliable cluster detection technique using photometric redshifts: introducing the 2TecX algorithm, Mnras, Vol:395, Pages:1845-1856

Van Breukelen C, Simpson C, Rawlings S, et al., 2009, Evidence of a link between the evolution of clusters and their AGN fraction, Mnras, Vol:395, Pages:11-27


Clewley L, Van Breukelen C, Bonfield D, 2007, Detecting Galaxy Clusters at 0.1 < z < 2.0

Thesis Dissertations

Clewley C, 2016, Troublesome Knowledge in Relativity

More Publications