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Charlotte Williams is Professor of Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry. Her group is multidisciplinary and currently consists of 7 postdocs and 11 PhD students. Research in polymer chemistry within her group includes the synthesis of polymerisation catalysts, controlled polymerisations, catalytic activation of renewable resources, synthesis of biodegradable and biocompatible polymers for applications in medicine and the synthesis of electroactive polymers for applications in electronics.

She was worked at Imperial since 2003 (2003-7: Lecturer; 2007-9: Senior Lecturer; 2009-2012: Reader; 2012: Professor).  Before this, she was a postdoctoral research associate at Cambridge University, working with Professor Andrew Holmes and Professor Richard Friend on the synthesis of electroactive polymers, and at the University of Minnesota, working with Marc Hillmyer and Bill Tolman in zinc catalysis. She did her PhD research at Imperial College in catalysis working with Vernon Gibson and Nick Long.

She has been recognised for her research by the BEPS Oustanding Early Career Academic Award 2011, the RSC Energy, Environment and Sustainability Award (2009), the Meldola Medal (2005) and the Young Researcher Award (2001).


Recent News

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Charlotte Promoted to Professor in 2012:

Macromolecules discussion guest on  In Our Time on BBC Radio 4, 29/12/12

the Bio-Environmental Polymer Society Award (2011):

(Award Address at the BEPS meeting in Vienna, September 2011)

Royal Society of Chemistry Energy, Environment and Sustainability Award Symposium (10 March 2010, York)

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PhD Studentships available for October 2014 in  Catalysis and Polymer Synthesis
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