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Christopher Millett is Professor of Public Health at Imperial College London. He is Visiting Professor at the Public Health Foundation of India and the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Christopher moved to the UK from Australia in 1994, working in several research and NHS public health roles before undertaking formal public health training in London. He completed his PhD at Imperial College in 2008 and was awarded a 5 year NIHR Research Professorship in 2014. He is a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Public Health.


Christopher directs the Public Health Policy Evaluation Unit within the School of Public Health. He has published studies on a variety of topics, including tobacco control, active travel and obesity, cardiovascular risk assessment, health system performance and health inequalities. His main research interest is public health policy evaluation, with a particular interest in health inequality impacts. This includes a growing focus on evaluating strategies to prevent and manage chronic (non-communicable) disease in middle income country settings, particularly India and Brazil.

The main areas of his research currently include:

-      active travel and sustainable transport systems

-      tobacco control

-      improving the management of chronic disease 

-      financial protection in health systems

Teaching and training

Christopher is Deputy Director of the Masters of Public Health programme at Imperial College and has taught on postgraduate programmes at the University of Mauritius and the Public Health Foundation of India. He has supervised numerous PhD students, public health trainees and junior doctors. 

PhD Opportunities

Enquiries from prospective PhD students are welcome in any of the research areas listed above.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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More Publications