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I am an anaesthetic registrar currently undertaking a PhD at Imperial College. My project is a collaboration between the Department of Anaesthetics at St Mary's Hospital and the MSk Lab at Imperial College London.

Project title: Shivering following neuraxial blockade.

Supervisors: Dr Paul H Strutton, Dr Surbhi Malhotra & Dr David A Low.

Project summary

Neuraxial blockade is a form of regional anaesthesia commonly used in the obstetric population. Shivering is a distressing side effect associated with neuraxial blockade which may lead to a poor outcome for both mother and baby. Unfortunately the cause of the shivering is unknown and as yet there are no effective treatments.

My project aims to increase understanding of the neurophysiological mechanism underlying normal thermoregulatory shivering and to test this novel mechanism in obstetric patients who have undergone neuraxial blockade.