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Charles is a Junior Research Fellow at Imperial College London. His main research focus on the design of new versatile catalysts for polymerisation reactions along with original methodologies for the preparation of polymers from renewable resources.

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Graduated in 2008 from Université de Rennes 1 were he obtained his M.Sc degree as well his engineering degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR), Charles then obtained his Ph.D in 2011 from Université de Strasbourg under the supervision of Dr. Samuel Dagorne and Dr. Stéphane Bellemin-Laponnaz. The subject of his thesis project dealt with the synthesis and the reactivity study of group 4 metals complexes bearing NHC ligands and their applications to the ring-opening polymerization of cyclic polar monomers.

He joined Econic-Technologies as Research Scientist in January 2012 working on new catalysts for epoxide / CO2 copolymerization.

In February 2013, Charles joined a multidisciplinary EPRSC project dealing with “the deconstruction of biomass and the valorisation of carbohydrates”. Under the supervision of Prof. Charlotte K. Williams at Imperial College London, his main interest now focuses on the synthesis of polyesters and polycarbonates from renewable resources.



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