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Dynamics - ME2-HDYN


To enable students to master essential basic topics in vibrations and dynamics

ECTS units: 5



Associate Course Leader

Applied Vibration Engineering - ME4-MAVE


To teach students how to use the theoretical principles of vibration, and vibration analysis techniques, for the practical solution of vibration problems. The course thus builds on students prior knowledge of vibration theory, and concentrates on the applications. A key feature is that students work on identifying and defining the problems to be solved, prior to solving them. This includes choices of assumptions, choices of measurements to be made and information to be investigated, and choices of analysis techniques to be employed. In keeping with the applied focus, the course includes practical analysis and measurement activities and a project in which students play the roles of clients and consultants while solving a real vibration problem.

ECTS units:  7   
Contributing to Course Elements: 7 to ME4-mLCTVS Electives


Course Leader