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I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Section of Immunology of Infection.  I obtained my BSc in Chemistry and my PhD in Biochemistry, working on the role of adenosine and adenosine deaminase in immunodeficiencies, at the University of Barcelona, Spain. I then joined the group of Prof. John P. Moore at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York, USA.  As a Postdoctoral Fellow, I had the opportunity to make my first steps in the field of HIV working in the areas of neutralizing antibodies and CCR5 co-receptor.

My primary research interests are mucosal infection and inflammation. Using ex vivo tissue models, I study mucosal responses during transmission of HIV/SIV, HCV, and Zika virus. These primary tissue models also allow pre-clinical evaluation of prevention strategies, including pre-exposure prophylaxis and vaccine candidates. I have recently expanded the potential of the ex vivo tissue models to investigate inflammation and associated pathologies such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

During the last 10 years, I have been funded as PI or co-investigator by amfAR, HVTN-CHAVI, EU Commission FP7 Health 2012 Innovation, EDCTP, NIH, Canadian Institute for Health Research, Manitoba Health Research, Henry Jackson Foundation, Pfizer, Gilead, Merck and CHAIN Biotechnology.



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Herrera C, Harman S, Aldon Y, et al., 2021, The entry inhibitor DS003 (BMS-599793): a BMS-806 analogue, provides superior activity as a pre-exposure prophylaxis candidate, Aids, Vol:35, ISSN:0269-9370, Pages:1907-1917

Gomara MJ, Pons R, Herrera C, et al., 2021, Peptide Amphiphilic-Based Supramolecular Structures with Anti-HIV-1 Activity, Bioconjugate Chemistry, Vol:32, ISSN:1043-1802, Pages:1999-2013

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Herrera C, Lwanga J, Lee M, et al., 2021, Pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic investigation of raltegravir with or without lamivudine in the context of HIV-1 pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Vol:76, ISSN:0305-7453, Pages:2129-2136

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