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Dr Chang Liu is currently working as a research associate in Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial College London, since April 2018. His work mainly focuses on the autonomous aerial robotic operation for oil and gas industrial inspection in offshore environments.

Prior to this role, he was a research associate in Autonomous Systems Lab in University of Southampton for one year working on autonomous drones for future city applications in 2017. He obtained his PhD in the same year from the same university, investigating into navigation methods for small unmanned aerial vehicle in GPS-denied environments, particularly interested in computer vision based simultaneous localization and mapping with visual inertial fusion.

He also obtained MSc on Artificial Intelligence from the same university in 2012, after obtaining his bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from Newcastle University in 2011.

He has been working as an embedded engineer in Kite Power Solutions for 6 months during the one-year gap after his MSc degree in 2012. During his PhD and post-doctorial research, He also worked as a technical consultant for several start-up companies automating industrial work processes with flying robots, such as mining, warehouse inventory, architecture scanning, security, aerial photography.



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Alan AT, Liu C, Salisbury E, et al., 2018, Human-UAV Teaming in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments, 17th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS), ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY, Pages:1791-1793

Liu C, Prior SD, 2015, Design and implementation of a mini quadrotor control system in GPS denied environments, Pages:462-469

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