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Dr Daniel Ainalis is a Research Associate in the Centre for Transport Studies and works within the Transport & Environment Laboratory and the Transport Systems & Logistics Laboratory.

Daniel's current research is focused on evaluating the economic and environmental benefits of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) for heavy goods vehicles as part of an InnovateUK funded project. The project involves a 12-month study combining real world operational data, controlled fuel consumption and emissions testing, and numerical modelling of the heavy goods vehicles and KERS.

Daniel has expertise in vehicle dynamics, vehicle telematics acquisition and analysis, signal processing and data analysis, mechanical vibrations, ground vibrations, and the measurement, simulation and analysis of road roughness and distribution vibrations (road, rail, etc.).

Previously, Daniel was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Mons in Belgium, where he led a project on the simulation and analysis of ground wave propagation produced by explosive blasting in mines and quarries. He has also been involved in a range of consulting projects throughout the years across Europe and Australia.



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Ainalis D, Achurra-Gonzalez P, Gaudin A, et al., Ultra-Capacitor based kinetic energy recovery system for heavy goods vheicles, 15th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology

Ainalis D, Olivier B, Ducarne L, et al., 2018, Advanced road profile simulations and the dynamic tyre forces generated by heavy vehicles, Pages:3801-3808

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