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Reader in Solid Mechanics



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Membership of Professional Bodies

Industrial Connections

  • Element Six Ltd, Multiscale investigation of failure in bonded diamond aggregates
  • BP, Scaling in Pipe Failure Tests
  • QinetiQ, Interrupted Tension/Compression Testing for the Determination of Plasticity Model Parameters
  • Geotechnical Consulting Group, Mesh Generation for Underground Tunnel Networks
  • General Electric, Failure of Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Exponent, Analysis of Pipe Rupture; Fracture in Rail Car Wheel Assemblies; Mechanics of Hip & Spinal Implants

Commercial Spinoffs

  • Impression Technologies, Impression Technologies has been formed by Imperial Innovations to bring to market forming and press technologies developed by Imperial College London (ICL).The first technology that is being brought to market is the Hot Form Quench (HFQ) technology for the forming of Aluminium. HFQ allows stiffer and stronger structural Aluminium panels to be formed, with lower costs, than has been possible to date.