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Dr. Doryen Bubeck

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Senior Lecturer



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Research imageDoryen Bubeck received her PhD in Biophysics from Harvard University in 2005 where she used cryo-electron micrsocopy to investigate the cell entry mechanism of poliovirus.  As an EMBO postdoctoral fellow and Cancer Research Institute Fellow at the University of Oxford, she continued to explore the structures of membrane proteins, focusing on the complement immune pathway. A recent highlight (Hadders & Bubeck et al., Cell Rep. 2012) is the discovery that complement components associate through a sideways alignment of their central MAC-perforin domains (MACPF). These results provide a structural framework for understanding the complex protein associations underlying activation of this innate immune effector. Doryen Bubeck is a lecturer in Structural Biology  within the Department of Life Sciences and recipient of a Cancer Research UK Career Establishment Award.  Her current research adopts an integrated structural approach merging cryo-electron microscopy and Xray crystallography to investigate the role of membrane proteins in host-pathogen interactions. She aims to investigate how membrane attack complex (MAC) pore formation is controlled, a process important for fighting infections and preventing complement-mediated tissue damage.

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