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Dr Dan Goodman

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Electrical and Electronic Engineering




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1001Electrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





The aim of my research is to uncover the principles underlying neural computation with precisely timed spikes. This is a form of computation specific to the brain, being radically different to both digital and analogue computation. I have developed several software tools for working with spiking neurons, notably the "Brian" spiking neural network simulator. My focus is on sensory processing of complex, realistic stimuli, primarily in the auditory system.

For more information, see my group webpage, the Neural Reckoning Group.



Zheng JX, Pawar S, Goodman DFM, 2018, Graph Drawing by Stochastic Gradient Descent

Hathway P, Goodman DFM, 2018, [Re] Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity Finds the Start of Repeating Patterns in Continuous Spike Trains, Rescience, Vol:4, ISSN:2430-3658

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