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Dr David Green is a Senior Research Fellow in the Environmental Research Group where he leads the Aerosol Science Team. Research interests focus on the measurement of particles and gases, and their use in source apportionment and health studies, to improve our understanding in both the urban and global environment.

Measurement forms a key part of the research and includes a significant suite of analytical equipment deployed either in the laboratory or in the field. This is principally focused in ‘supersites’ in London, monitoring and disseminating the chemical and physical composition of aerosols in real time to inform forecasting and public information systems. The measurements are also used in epidemiological studies to assess the impact of particles and their different composition on health end points.

Source apportionment methodologies are used to interpret the high time resolution chemical composition measurements and quantify the contribution of different emission sources in complex urban environments. In these environments a wide variety of sources, both local (such as traffic) and distant (such as that from agricultural sources), contribute to the total particle load in the atmosphere.

Key Leadership Roles:

Team Leader Aerosol Science, Environmental Research Group

Director Centre for Low Emission Construction

Team Member Athena Swan Self-Assessment and School Diversity and Inclusion

Key Research Interests:

Measurement of atmospheric aerosol and gaseous composition

Source apportionment of aerosol sources for health impact and policy development

Development of new measurement techniques for aerosols and gases

Research Collaboration:

Environment Agency -Particulate Number and Concentration Network

SBRI - CAGE project (Clean Air Gas Engine)

MRC - Exposure to particulate matter on the London Underground in healthy subjects and patients with chronic respiratory disease

NERC - OSCA Integrated Research Observation System for Clean Air

STFC - Air Quality Network

High Speed 2 - Emissions from Non-Road Mobile Machinery

NERC - Advanced UK Observing Network for Air Quality, Public Health and Greenhouse Gas Research

EU - Metrology for Nitrogen Dioxide

EPSRC - Fire Emissions Testing Chamber (FETCH)

SBRI - Novel passive samplers fro semi-targeted explosive vapour screening (Phase 2)

Postgraduate PhD Student Supervision:

Desouza, C - Characterizing non road mobile machinery through portable emissions testing and emissions inventory development.
2016 - 2020

Sheehan, A – Using satellite imagery to identify vehicles in urban environments 2018- date 

Hedges, M - Population and occupational exposure to air pollution on the London Underground 2019 - date

Gillot, S - The response of miniaturised air quality sensors in different environments 
2017- date

Hicks, H – Developing an improved non-exhaust vehicle emissions inventory to assess the future impact of hybrid and electric vehicles 
2018 - date

Post-doctoral Fellows under Supervision:

Font, Anna
Trempar, Anja
Priestman, Max

Desouza, Carl



Green D, 2022, Source attribution and quantification of atmospheric nickel concentrations in an industrial area in the United Kingdom (UK), Environmental Pollution, Vol:293, ISSN:0269-7491, Pages:1-10

Desouza CD, Marsh DJ, Beevers SD, et al., 2021, A spatial and fleet disaggregated approach to calculating the NOX emissions inventory for non-road mobile machinery in London, Atmospheric Environment: X, Vol:12, ISSN:2590-1621, Pages:1-8

Ciupek K, Quincey P, Green DC, et al., 2021, Challenges and policy implications of long-term changes in mass absorption cross-section derived from equivalent black carbon and elemental carbon measurements in London and south-east England in 2014-2019, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, Vol:23, ISSN:2050-7895, Pages:1949-1960

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