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AB - This paper describes a novel system for recoveringpower and providing full-duplex communication over an AC-coupled 4-wire lead between active implantable devices. Thetarget application requires a singleChest Devicebe connectedto aBrain Implantconsisting of multiple identical optrodesthat record neural activity and provide closed loop opticalstimulation. The interface is integrated within each optrode SoCallowing full-duplex and fully-differential communication basedon Manchester encoding. The system features a head-to-chestuplink data rate (1.6 Mbps) that is higher than that of the chest-to-head downlink (100 kbps) superimposed on a power carrier.On-chip power management provides an unregulated 5 V DCsupply with up to 2.5 mA output current for stimulation, anda regulated 3.3 V with 60 dB PSRR for recording and logiccircuits. The circuit has been implemented in a 0.35μm CMOStechnology, occupying 1.4 mm2silicon area, and requiring a62.2μA average current consumption.
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