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Dr Dante Kalise

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Bio. I'm originally from Chile and grew up in front of the Pacific, in Viña del Mar. I received a B.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering and a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Federico Santa María Technical University in Valparaíso. In 2008 I moved to Norway, where I got a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2012 from the University of Bergen (with some periods away from the rain in Oslo and Trento). Later on, I moved to Rome where I was a postdoc at La Sapienza. From 2013 until 2017 I was a Research Scientist at RICAM. I recently moved to Imperial to start a research project on multiscale optimal control of agent-based models. When time constraints are inactive, I enjoy photography and playing MtG, although I've recently migrated to Hearthstone.

Research interests. Scientific Computing and Computational Control Theory. Numerical optimization and optimal control of finite and infinite-dimensional dynamical systems. Sparse optimization and control. Multiscale control of agent-based models. Mean-field optimal control and games. Numerical approximation of fully nonlinear PDEs (Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman, Isaacs). High-dimensional approximation, model order reduction. Active vibration control. Feedback control in power electronics. Numerical methods in atmospheric modelling and prediction.