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David Klug joined the Department of Chemistry in October 1998, having from October 1995 held a joint position in the Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry.  From October 1990 to September 1995 he was a Royal Society University Research Fellow jointly in Biochemistry and Chemistry.  He graduated in Physics at University College London in 1984, and obtained his Ph.D. at The Royal Institution in 1987.

David is co-founder and Chair of the Institute of Chemical Biology  ( ), which co-ordinates teaching and research activities in Chemical Biology. He also chairs the Single Cell Proteomics Project, a £5 million multidisciplinary collaboration of eight research teams developing and applying novel platform technologies to high throughput and single cell analysis ( and the Proxomics Project, platform technologies for the analysis of oxidative damage to proteins ( More information about David's research group can be found at .






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