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AB - Controlling magnetism with electric field directly or through strain-driven piezoelectric coupling remains a key goal of spintronics. Here we demonstrate that giant piezomagnetism, a linear magneto-mechanic coupling effect, is manifest in antiperovskite Mn3NiN, facilitated by its geometrically frustrated antiferromagnetism opening the possibility of new memory device concepts. Films of Mn3NiN with intrinsic biaxial strains of ±0.25% result in Néel transition shifts up to 60K and magnetisation changes consistent with theory. Films grown on BaTiO3 display a striking magnetisation jump in response to uniaxial strain from the intrinsic BaTiO3 structural transition, with an inferred 44% strain coupling efficiency and a magnetoelectric coefficient α (where α=dB/dE) of 0.018 G cm/V. The latter agrees with the 1000-fold increase over Cr2O3 predicted by theory. Overall our observations pave the way for further research into the broader family of Mn-based antiperovskites where yet larger piezomagnetic effects are predicted to occur at room temperature.
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