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AB - In the present study we investigate electrostatic stabilization mechanismsacting on stratified fluids. Electric fields have been shown to control andeven suppress the Rayleigh-Taylor instability when a heavy fluid lies abovelighter fluid. From a different perspective, similar techniques can also beused to generate interfacial dynamics in otherwise stable systems. We aim toidentify active control protocols in confined geometries that induce timedependent flows in small scale devices without having moving parts. This effecthas numerous applications, ranging from mixing phenomena to electriclithography. Two-dimensional computations are carried out and several suchprotocols are described. We present computational fluid dynamics videos withdifferent underlying mixing strategies, which show promising results.
AU - Cimpeanu,R
AU - Papageorgiou,DT
PY - 2013///
TI - Electrohydrodynamically induced mixing in immiscible multilayer flows
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