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Doris Reiter is a visiting researcher in Professor Ortwin Hess's group coming from the University of Münster, Germany

Doris Reiter works in the field of condensed matter theory. Her research interests are ultrafast dynamics in semiconductors quantum dots, in particular, quantum dots doped with a single Manganese atom and electron - phonon interaction in quantum dots. At Imperial College London she will extend her expertise to combine semiconductors and nanoplasmonics.  

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Guazzotti S, Pusch A, Reiter DE, et al., 2018, Dynamic theory of nanophotonic control of two-dimensional semiconductor nonlinearities, Physical Review B, Vol:98, ISSN:2469-9950

Reiter DE, Kuhn T, Glaessl M, et al., 2014, The role of phonons for exciton and biexciton generation in an optically driven quantum dot, Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter, Vol:26, ISSN:0953-8984

Lueker S, Gawarecki K, Reiter DE, et al., 2012, Influence of acoustic phonons on the optical control of quantum dots driven by adiabatic rapid passage, Physical Review B, Vol:85, ISSN:2469-9950

Reiter DE, Kuhn T, Axt VM, 2009, All-Optical Spin Manipulation of a Single Manganese Atom in a Quantum Dot, Physical Review Letters, Vol:102, ISSN:0031-9007

More Publications