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Dr Dimitris Sarantaridis

Central FacultyEnterprise

Corporate Partnership Senior Associate



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I joined Corporate Partnerships in 2014 and am part of the respective Faculty of Engineering team. I am responsible for forming and managing research collaborations with Industry, identifying opportunities, taking active part in developing proposals, negotiating budgets and contracts, and supporting in general Imperial’s academic community in their interactions with Corporates. Areas and themes of engagement span across all current ten Engineering Departments, and opportunities supported range from short-term Research Projects to multi-million Industry-funded Research Programmes and Centres.

I am a Chartered Engineer, with a PhD in Materials Engineering from Imperial, and extensive research experience in Academic Institutions and National Labs in technical areas such as Energy Materials, Electrochemistry and Air Quality.



Hogstrom R, Quincey P, Sarantaridis D, et al., 2014, First comprehensive inter-comparison of aerosol electrometers for particle sizes up to 200 nm and concentration range 1000 cm(-3) to 17 000 cm(-3), Metrologia, Vol:51, ISSN:0026-1394, Pages:293-303

Quincey P, Beccaceci S, Butterfield D, et al., 2013, Aerosol Metrology Supporting Air Quality Monitoring in the United Kingdom and Europe, Mapan-journal of Metrology Society of India, Vol:28, ISSN:0970-3950, Pages:145-152

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Sarantaridis D, Hennig C, Caruana DJ, 2012, Bioaerosol detection using potentiometric tomography in flames, Chemical Science, Vol:3, ISSN:2041-6520, Pages:2210-2216

Sarantaridis D, Fowowe T, Caruana DJ, 2010, Electrochemistry in flames., Sci Prog, Vol:93, ISSN:0036-8504, Pages:301-317

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