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Daniel Elson is a Professor of Surgical Imaging and Biophotonics in the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery, Institute of Global Health Innovation and Department of Surgery and Cancer at St. Mary's Hospital.  Research interests are based around the development and application of photonics technology to medical imaging, including multispectral imaging, ultrasound mediated optical tomography, structured lighting, light sources in endoscopy and scattering spectroscopy.

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Image Guided Therapies

PhD Studentship

Hyperspectral circumferential resection margin assessment for gastrointestinal cancer surgery

Supervisors- Christopher Peters and Dan Elson

Multispectral optical probes promise sensitivity and specificity above 90% for discriminating between normal and abnormal tissue. One of these techniques, diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS), utilises a safe broadband light source, optical fibres for light delivery and collection, a spectrograph to disperse the emitted light into the different wavelengths, and a detector (commonly a CCD camera). When compared to sophisticated microendoscopic probes, DRS has lower costs, and is simpler because it does not require lasers or magnification optics. Furthermore, combining DRS with fluorescence spectroscopy can offer increased accuracy through a dual modality approach that nevertheless maintains a simple probe design for clinical deployment.

We propose the use of a miniaturised endoscopic 2-D array of single-point DRS probe sensors for hyperspectral CRM assessment, based on technology developed in the Elson group. Such a device could be used directly in the surgical field, allowing the discrimination of tumour from scar tissue in real-time, minimising the time and cost of the CRM assessment, and optimising the clinical outcomes for patients with GI cancer. Furthermore, we propose to adapt this approach to transform it from a single point spectroscopic method to an imaging device that is suitable for in vivo data acquisition.

Aim of this study

Is it possible to analyse intraoperative circumferential resection margins by using hyperspectral probes for automated tissue classification?

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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