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AB - Shear wave speed is quantitatively related to tissue viscoelasticity.Previously we reported shear wave tracking at centimetre depths ina turbid optical medium using laser speckle contrast detection. Shear waveprogression modulates displacement of optical scatterers and therefore modulatesphoton phase and changes the laser speckle patterns. Time-resolvedcharge-coupled device (CCD)-based speckle contrast analysis was used totrack shear waves and measure the time-of-flight of shear waves for speedmeasurement. In this manuscript, we report a new observation of the laserspeckle contrast difference signal for dual shear waves. A modulation ofCCD speckle contrast difference was observed and simulation reproducesthe modulation pattern, suggesting its origin. Both experimental andsimulation results show that the dual shear wave approach generates animproved definition of temporal features in the time-of-flight optical signaland an improved signal to noise ratio with a standard deviation less than50% that of individual shear waves. Results also show that dual shear wavescan correct the bias of shear wave speed measurement caused by shear wavereflections from elastic boundaries.
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