Imperial College London

Mr Aliester D Fisher

Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Surgery & Cancer

CAD Designer and 3D Printing Manager



+44 (0)7779 422 114dekani.fisher




7L19Lab BlockCharing Cross Campus





Dekani Fisher, is a design engineer that currently specialises in 3d modelling and 3d printing. After completing his 4 year design engineering course at Brunel University, he went on to work for Foster and Partners as a CAD (3D modelling) specialist for architects. Whilst there he worked with SLS 3D printers and robotic arms as well as a range of modelshop equipment. 

Dekani  is now workGuideing at the Charing Cross Hospital MSK Lab using Grasshopper (a 3D modelling algorithm editor) to automate the creation of patient specific guide models (image: left). This greatly reduces the time to accurately match the design to the patient's bone structure (from days down to minutes). A Matlab algorithm (developed by Susannah Clarke) is used to generate patient specific point data in the form of text files which are then used as input for Dekani's Grasshopper system. This allows for the quick generation of a patient specific guide's 3d model which is then built in our 3D printer over night which Dekani is also responsible for. This allows for a guide to go from being scan data to being in the operation theatre within 24 hours. Below shows a small Grasshopper snippet.

Grasshopper Snippet