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Dmitry Sharapov joined the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College Business School in February 2012 after completing his PhD in Management at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. After spending two years as a British Academy Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Dmitry took up the post of Assistant Professor in August 2015.

Dmitry's research interests lie at the intersections of the literatures on competitive strategy, innovation management, and decision-making under uncertainty. His research aims to improve our understanding of (1) the antecendents, processes, and consequences of organizations imitating one another, (2) the inventive process and how organizations select which novel ideas to support, and (3) strategy in business ecosystems. Empirical settings for exploring these questions include large multinational technology companies, smartphone application markets, the US movie industry, and the America's Cup World Series sailing competition.

Dmitry teaches Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy, and has also taught and coached on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship summer school. 



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