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AB - Self-managed systems need to adapt to changes in requirements and in operational conditions. New components or services may become available, others may become unreliable or fail. Non-functional aspects, such as reliability or other quality-of service parameters usually drive the selection of new architectural configurations. However, in existing approaches, the link between non-functional aspects and software models is established through manual annotations that require human intervention on each re-configuration and adaptation is enacted through fixed rules that require anticipation of all possible changes. We proposehere a methodology to automatically re-assemble services and component-based applications to preserve their reliability. To achieve this we define architectural and behavioural models that are composable, account for non-functional aspects andcorrespond closely to the implementation. Our approach enables autonomous components to locally adapt and control their internal configuration whilst exposing interface models to upstream components.
AU - Lupu,EC
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TI - On Re-Assembling Self-Managed Components
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