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AB - In this paper we propose a modelling formalism, Probabilistic Component Automata (PCA), as a probabilistic extension to Interface Automata to represent the probabilistic behaviour of component-based systems. The aim is to supportcomposition of component-based models for both behaviour and non-functional properties such as reliability. We show how additional primitives for modelling failure scenarios, failure handling and failure propagation, as well as other algebraic operators, can be combined with models of the system architecture to automatically construct a system model by composing models of its subcomponents. The approach is supported by the tool LTSA-PCA, an extension of LTSA, which generates a composite DTMC model. The reliability of a particular system configurationcan then be automatically analysed based on the corresponding composite model using the PRISM model checker. This approach facilitates configurability and adaptation in which the software configuration of components and the associated composition of component models are changed at run time.
AU - Lupu,EC
AU - Rodrigues,P
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PB - Association for Computing Machinery/IEEE
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TI - Compositional Reliability Analysis for Probabilistic Component Automata
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