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Dr Eric Dubuis is a Research Fellow in the Respiratory Pharmacology Research Group.

Eric obtained a MSc Degree in Physiology and Cellular Biology from the  University of Sciences and Techniques of Tours (France). During his PhD, he worked on circulatory dysregulation and pulmonary hypertension triggered by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) and athmospheric pollutants in animal models.

Since completing his PhD, he successfully worked in the Physiology and Critical Care Research Departments of the University of Liverpool investigating cardiac and arterial disfunctions in models of cardiomyopathy and the impact of new antiarrythmic drugs on cardiomyocytes function.

Physiologist, keen electrophysiologist, passionate with intracellular signalling and cellular imaging, Eric has joined the Respiratory Pharmacology Group at the Imperial College to give his contribution to the research of new treatment for pulmonary diseases.

Eric has a substantial publication record in peer review journals and is a recognised expert in the cardiovascular field.



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